Brahmatal Winter Trek
brahmatal trek

Brahmatal trek (or Brahma Tal) is gradually going to be a popular winter trek for the people who love to explore. And admire the beauty of Himalaya. Located in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand. Brahmatal can be reached by trekking from Lohajung, a famous village of eastern Garhwal Himalaya. 

Brahmatal Trek known as the best trekking places in India. It is also one of the best treks in Uttarakhand to enjoy an adventure. Brahmatal winter trek is the best option to spend a vacation in the lap of Himalaya.

I visited Brahmatal trek in January 2018 but could not reach to Brahmatal as I encountered a snowstorm. Though all of my teammates were safe, some other group got rescued somehow as their tents got crashed. Today I will share with you my experience.

Brahmatal trek
Mount Trishul from our Camp

Planning and Preparation: Brahmatal lake trek

“Amra Brahmatal trek e jacchi, tui jabi?” (We are planning to trek Brahmatal, are you interested?) said by my friend Dipanwita. She knew my answer very well. They had already planned everything. Even she spoke to Mr. Neeraj Joshi (The top boss of Himalayan Climber) and settled the cost. We discussed among us and decided to gather at Delhi and then to take a night train to Kathgodam – the gateway of Kumaon followed by a car (arranged by Neeraj) to Lohajung.

Brahmatal trek
Brahmatal trek


Reaching Lohajung: Brahma tal trek 

As planned, we gathered in Old Delhi. Here I would like to introduce our team. Apart from me, we had five other members. Dipanwita, Nasmin, Indira, Sudarshan and Tanmoy. All of them knew each other. We all were in the service industry except Sudarshan, who was in his family business of musical instruments.

Having a good lunch Al Jawahiri, the famous Mughlai Restaurant at Chandni Chowk, we strolled in the lanes of Old Delhi and finally reach Delhi rail station at Chandni Chowk. It was Ranikhet Express that took us to Kathgodam. The train was, as usual, late due to fog but anyway, the driver managed to reduce the late hour and we reach Kathgodam at 5.30 AM.

It was about to dawn. A sweet node of Azaan (It was the time of Fazr Namaz) from a nearby mosque was declaring the happy beginning of a new day on earth. To me, it sounded like a wishful blessing for us.

We started our journey for Lohajung. “Amlan, are we at Kumayun or Garhwal Himalaya?” Asked by Dipanwita.

“Our car journey will be through Kumayun Himalaya till Lohajung but our trek route is located inside Garhwal Himalaya.” I replied. I was a bit scared of the traffic jam of the route but our driver assured me to take the car bypassing Nainital and Ranikhet. After two tea breaks, one lunch break and several vomit break we reached at Lohajung in the afternoon.

winter trekking
A Garhwali little girl

We boarded at a hotel, freshened up and had a good tea with pakora. By that time Neeraj called Dipanwita and introduced Mr. Chandan Negi who would guide us and manage everything. Around 7 PM Chandan, a well-behaved guy came and greeted us. Chandan’s appearance echoed his personality, confidence, positivity, and awareness. He met us personally and briefed us on the route.

After a good session with him, we had a wonderful dinner and called it a day.


Day 1: Lohajung to Bekal Taal

Brahmatal trek
Mount Nandaghunti from Lohajung

The day started with a glorious view of Mount Nanda Ghunti. Brahmatal lake winter trekking in India is the perfect option to spend a vacation in the lap of Himalaya. We had a small team meeting where Chandan checked everybody’s gear. Chandan was accompanied by a cook KK and two mule carriers Ganga and Khilaf.

By 9 AM we started our long-awaited trek. Chandan started with us and KK, Ganga and Khilaf started  Like other Garhwali and Kumayuni trails the trail was through the alpine forest of pine, far, oak. Gentle hike through the forest was supposed to make the trail refreshing and energetic but actually, it was very dusty. Deforestation was the main culprit for it.

best winter trek
overcrowded trail

The route overcrowded as some other organizations took teams with more than ten, fifteen even thirty people. Somehow, I dislike these overcrowded team. I thanked Chandan for taking us to a separate team.

We reached Begam at 11 AM and decide to have some snacks with Maggie and Tea. We were not that much hungry but intend to spend some time so that other teams go and we get some fresh air. Chandan agreed. He was also a bit irritating like me as one of the groups of other organizers consisted of 30 members and the team was out of their manager’s control. “I can’t understand why people don’t enjoy the silence and like to speak so loudly”, I murmured.

 “Right Sir, people should understand that nature has a lot to say” Chandan Replied. I said, “You know, there is always a ‘Sound of Silence’”, he liked the phrase and I pulled out my headphone from pocket, applied to his ears and played the famous song of Bob Dylan. Chandan liked the song very much.

trekking in uttarakhand
Food joint at Begam

By that time other team went off and Chandan asked us to start. That time it was a better experience as the trail was a bit empty. Fresh air started purifying our soul. Chandan was leading from the front and as usual, I became the tail – the most comfortable position of mine.

We reached an unnamed waterfall and crossed a bridge in front of the falls. From the bridge, there was a steeper trail that leads to the top of a ridge, we crossed it and found a meadow with at least 40 tents.

Bekhal tal trek
the camping ground at Bekal Tal

I was a bit unhappy to share a meadow with the crowd mentioned earlier. “Don’t worry Sir, I have asked my boys to pitch our tent to the extreme corner so that there will be ample space between the others’ tent”, Chandan guaranteed me. He might read my mind. I thanked him and reached where our tents were supposed to get settled.

winter trek
View of the camping ground from our camp

Dipanwita, Sudarshan and I requested them to pitch the tent after we arrive. I had previous experience in pitching a tent but the others were new. All of the teammates were very excited. Chandan and his team arranged kitchen tent and KK, the cook of our team prepared Khichri and Papad for us – the menu that we asked in the morning.

We had a good lunch and arranged all the tents. After lunch, we planned to go to Bekal Tal but Sudarshan decided to stay in the tent as he was not feeling well. He got a bit nervous. There was nothing wrong. It was his first trek and he also carried his entire luggage. It was better for him to take rest while we headed up for Bekal Tal.

Brahmatal trek
Bekal Tal

Located at an altitude of 3733 meters Bekaltal lake surrounded by the lush greenery of the alpine forest. Since it was January, the lake was partially frozen. People were walking and dancing on the ice layer. There was a couple in some other group who kept themselves busy in lovemaking. Tanmoy started jumping. Even he pulled his t-shirt off!!!

The light was not favorable for photography. I just walked around the lake. In the evening, we came back to the tent. After having some liquor (taken by us) accompanied by pakora (snacks) we started chitchatting. At 8 PM KK served dinner. It was Jeera Rice and vegetable curry. KK was a great cook. He knew how to titillate the taste buds.


Day 2: Bekal Taal to Brahmatal lake Camping Ground

Even it happened to me earlier. In the morning, my intuition knocked me for something dangerous but enjoyable incidents. Sometimes I follow and sometimes ignored. That day I ignored the call initially.

As usual, we started sharp at 8 AM. A considerable inclination led us to the ridge next to the meadow. We continued our walk through a scenic green trail. The lights coming through pine and oak trees caused a dramatic shadow. Walking uphill we found Mount Trishul on the right-hand side.

Brahma tal lake
Our team with Chandan


brahmatal lake winter trekking
Mount Trishul

With gradual ascend, we reached to a big meadow and found KK settling his kitchen tent there. I was aware of the distance between Bekal Tal and Brahmatal I shared the same with Chandan. Very logically he replied, “Brahmatal lake is just 2 kilometers from here. We can go but since there are many trekkers on that point, I think you will be happy to stay here. Tomorrow, we will first go to Brahmatal and continue to Bramhatal peak.” I thanked him.

Pitching a tent at the camping ground

The camping ground was simply awesome. Mount Trishul was on one side. We spent a nice time with delicious food cooked by KK.

In the early afternoon, I observed a small patch of cloud. I recalled my intuition. From my early experience, I knew how a small cloud can cover the entire sky and cause rain. I had a similar experience in Har Ki Dun Trek. I was sure about the probability of snowfall if it would rain in January at an altitude of 4000 meters.

The cloud started covering the sky and around 4 PM the sky got overcast. Our team went inside one tent and Chandan and his boys stayed in the kitchen tent. As predicted by my intuition and experience, snowfall finally started after 6 PM. Though I had experienced snowfall in Hampta Circuit Trek it was mild. It continued till 8 PM and Chandan came to clear the hood of the tent to avoid crashing.

We all got very happy. Experiencing snowfall was beyond our expectations. We took some selfies with mobile flash. Meanwhile, KK called us for dinner. Jeera Rice and Egg Curry was on the menu – my favorite combination for dinner.

After having dinner, we came back to the tent. Probably I fell asleep suddenly I felt somebody shaking our tent. I opened the air window and ask for the person who was doing this. “Don’t worry sir, it’s me” Chandan replied, “Your tent was about to crash as there is heavy snow. I am shaking it to avoid crash”. I thanked him. Snowfall continued till 3 AM.

Day 3: Brahmatal Camping Ground to Lohajung

The next morning, we all get up late and found ourselves in a dreamland. The entire meadow was under one-foot snow. Our tents were somehow showing their identities but their roofs were still showing the symbols of last night.

“Are we in Antarctica?” said by Tanmoy. We all laughed at him.

“Please don’t dare dream to see penguins in Himalaya”, I replied, “This place is even more beautiful than Antarctica. See how Mount Trishul is smiling.”

Brahmatal trek


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Brahmatal trek
Mount Trishul after the snow storm

“Wow” was the expression of everybody. Meanwhile, KK and his team have prepared morning tea for all of us. We thanked them and to be very honest, hot tea and biscuits gave us fresh energy.

“What do you decide Chandan?” I asked, “Do you think that it will be a good idea to go to Brahmatal or we need to go back to Lohajung.”

Brahmatal trek


brahmatal trek


brahmatal trek

“Sir, there is absolutely no chance to go to Brahmatal. One of my fellow colleagues went to see the condition of the snow in the morning and he has seen the broken camps on the camping ground. It will be not only risky but also vulnerable.” Chandan replied.

He decided to start for Lohajung after breakfast. We all were on the same page so we start for Lohajung at 10.30 PM.

brahmatal trek

As we started lazily, we found that the people for other groups coming back. They set their tents beside Brahmatal and experienced a deadly situation. Some of the tents get crash and thus two of the fellow trekkers had to come out without any jacket. They were feeling sick. Our team was safe just because of Chandan’s decision to pitch camp in that meadow instead of going to Brahmatal.

brahmatal trek

We were trekking down cautiously as the entire trail got cover by snow. Most of us got disbalance for a number of times. While crossing Bekal Taal we found the green camping ground was under snow and tents were somehow standing.


By 5.30 PM finally, we reached Lohajung. Dipanwita decided to offer dinner for that day. I had already tasted her cooking. She has a great ability to cook.brahmatal trek

As planned, Chandan and his team brought chicken. Dipanwita, even after trekking 10 kilometers marinated the chicken and kept for one hour. She got freshen up and then cooked the chicken. It was delicious. We all thanked her and called it a day at 10 PM.

The next day we decided to stay at Lohajung. We went out with a camera and scattered. Loitering in the village Lohajung I went to a school and spent a long day with the school children. I shared lunch with them, attended the class. It recalled my school days. My experience with the school children will said in a different story.

The entire trip was awesome. Except for me, it was the first time snow experience for the other teammates. But for all of us, it was the first encounter with the snowstorm. We blessed. While coming back to Kathgodam I kissed Himalaya and promised to come back soon.


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