Winter is here and an ideal time to go to Indian Himalaya for your next winter trek together with your friends. Uttarakhand Himalaya got standing trekking trail however these treks completely changed in winters with the snow.  Best winter treks in India open up the chance of a thrilling journey along with the fantastic memory

Best top winter snow treks in Uttarakhand Himalayas. Uttarakhand is one of the states which crowned the widest range of the Himalayan mountain. The snow winter treks are very famous and popular in the Indian Uttarakhand Himalayan region. Winter is one of the coldest times of the year and comes after autumn and before spring.

Valley of Flowers Trek in India is an enthralling trek during a high altitude mountain range valley, a world heritage site, long acknowledge by noted mountainers, botanist and in literature, Valley of Flowers trekking trail is fantastic with the majestic mountain views. This hidden jewel a really distinctive home ground and a home to several

Best Top  17 Moderate treks in Himalaya The moderate treks in Himalaya takes you through a spectacular stretch of the mountains with the natural beauty around. Trekking in Himalaya is never so spectacular as you explore to the most perfect trekking trail as well as the best weekend trek in Himalaya. The best moderate trek

Best Top 10 Easy Treks in Himalaya Best Top Easy Treks in Himalaya offers you the surreal beauty of the lakes, majestic peaks, and the green meadows. While trekking in Himalaya, there are plenty of ways to experience the Indian Himalaya, the top 10 easy treks in Himalaya will give you a complete experience of

Top 33 Treks in Himalaya offers you a chance to explore the different cultures in every state.  Top Best Trek in Indian Himalaya provides you an amazing panorama of the majestic peaks and the scenic beauty around. Apart from this, the main highlight of these treks is the spectacular sunrise and sunset in between the

Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand -Himachal Pradesh, with its natural beauty and high altitude trekking trail, attracts trekkers all around the world. Rupin Pass trek starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and Sangla in Himachal Pradesh will not just offer you the heavenly beauty of the surroundings but will also give a chance to explore the

Taka Tamut, the 9th person from Arunachal Pradesh, India scales the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest Expedition It was like a specter arose in front of my eyes. I then knew – it was my fear. There we were, 6,500 meters above sea level, climbing from camp 2 to camp 3 and my sherpa was

Homestay in Uttarakhand (KOL village – near Almora) Are you coming up with your next vacation to the most effective hill stations in India? KOL Village- Homestay in Uttarakhand KOL village (Almora) is a place to stay and a great picnic spot. You can spend some time amidst nature and indulge in photography, READ your

Roopkund Trek- Skeleton Lake trek, the flame of mystery. For all those who crave to bathe with the lullaby simmering inside the glacial lake of Himalaya. And also for those who want to chase some mystery, this uninhabited area is better. And is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state at an altitude of 5029 meters.