Chopta Tungnath Weather
Chopta Tungnath Weather

Chopta Tungnath weather- When it comes to the best winter trekking in India, the Chopta Tungnath is covered in layers of snow and one can also get an outstanding view of the mountains. That makes it a perfect winter trek for camping as well as trekking.

Chopta Tungnath trek in Uttarakhand is beautiful year-round and passes through the oak and rhododendrons forests. In winter you can enjoy the scenery of snow trekking trails and frozen lakes.

Chopta Tungnath weather plays a very important role when you are planning to go on the winter Trek. Although it is one among the best winter trekking destination, you have to think about the weather before you travel. The perfect weather varies from trekker to trekker. Some trekkers might wish to trek through the snow to achieve the summit point, where are some trekkers might wish to explore Deoriatal Tungnath Chopta Chandrashila trek once it’s coated in lush greenery.

Chopta Tungnath Temperature

The maximum temperature of the Chopta Tungnath in September- October will be 1 degree Celsius to -1 degree Celsius.

Temperature in November- December: -1 to -5 degree Celsius.

The temperature in January- February:      -5 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Temperature in March – April:               -1 to -5 degree Celsius.

The temperature in May – June:                 5 to -1 degree Celsius.


Why winter is the best time to do Chopta Tungnath trek?

During winters, Uttrakhand Himalaya offers some of the most beautiful landscapes when a white snow trekking trail takes its beauty to another level. Chopta Tungnath Trek weather is one of the main attractions of this winter trekking trail in Indian Himalaya. Chopta Tungnath Trek in winters is one of the best ways to spend your holidays in Himalaya and enjoy an exciting time with those who believe in pushing their limits.

Winter is the best time to do Chopta tungnath Chandrashila trek in Uttarakhand due to the:

  • Breathtaking views of the snowy peaks from the summit: During winters the majestic mountain peaks with white snow and offer a 360-degree view of the snow mountain from the top. And one gets a clear view of the majestic mountain peaks.
  • Striking views of the snow-covered campsites: The campsites of the Deorital chopta trekking trail is filled with snow during winters. This winter trek is also famous for the beauty of the campsites surround by the snow-clad the Himalayas which look fantastic during winters. The scenery of the beautiful campsites is outstanding. You can spend some quality time here and also enjoy the natural beauty around.

 Deoriatal Chandrashila Chopta Tungnath Trek Photo story during winters



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