How difficult is kedarkantha Trek
how difficult is kedarkantha trek


How difficult is the kedarkantha Trek for first-timers? Kedarkantha Trek is the best winter trek in Uttarakhand Himalaya. It offers an excellent chance for trekkers to see the scenic beauty of the ancient villages and also their lifestyle. Kedarkantha Trek lies in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and parks in Uttrakashi district of Uttarakhand.

The journey to Sankri is one of the picturesque drive through the Dehradun –Mussorie – Barkot – Purola – Mori – Netwar and tons of beautiful streams. Kedarkantha peak trek is also one of the perfect destinations in Indian Himalaya to enjoy the snow trekking trail.


 Altitude – 12,500 feet

Total trekking distance – 9 km

Temperature –  -2 to -20 

 Location – Uttarakhand

Best time – November To April 

 Duration – 5 nights/ 6 days

how difficult is kedarkantha trek

How difficult is the kedarkantha Trek for first-timers? 

Kedarkantha Trek is a kind of easy winter Trek with a fantastic view of the Majestic Mountain peaks. It is a perfect Trek for beginners. If you want to experience a heavy snow trekking trail, then kedarkantha peak winter Trek is highly recommend in late December and January.

During January to April Kedarkantha trekking trail is cover under a white blanket of snow, making climbing a little difficult. Trekking in the Himalaya is a difficult activity. At the end, one must push all limits. I firmly believe that the most effective view comes after the toughest climb. If you are first-timer, then it’s forevermore preparation is recommend for that altitude.

how difficult is kedarkantha trek

Good Levels of Fitness is Required for the Kedarkantha Trek

It’s continuously good to challenge yourself. Fitness is very important as a result of everyday trekking is going to be an average 6-7 km. Kedarkantha is the best trekking trail for the first-timers and experienced trekkers which brings so much adventure for the trekkers.

If you can walk 8-10 km without any hassle you will be fit enough. Walking is not really something related to fitness unless you are carrying extra weight. And you will also need to walk up some pretty steep hills and carrying a backpack if you decide to go on the trek without a porter.

The everyday average walking distance is around 10-12 km. Most people are capable of these trekking distances and therefore the longer you walk the fitter you get.

how difficult is kedarkantha trek

About the kedarkantha Trek Distance?

The Total trekking distance of Kedarkantha Peak is 9 km that starts from Sankri. The trekking trail passes through the fantastic beauty of the mountain peaks and also the beautiful campsites.

Kedarkantha Trek distance from Dehrdaun to Sankri – 200 km

 Sankri to Juda Ka Talab distance- 3 km

Juda ka Talab to Base camp distance- 3km

Base Camp to Kedarkantha Peak distance – 3 km


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