Roopkund Skeleton Lake Trek -The Flame of Mystery
roopkund lake trek

Roopkund Skeleton Lake Trek– the flame of mystery.

For all those who crave to bathe with the lullaby simmering inside the glacial lake of Himalaya and also for those who wants to chase some mystery, this uninhabited area is better and is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state at an altitude of 5029 meters. Roopkund Skeleton Lake Trek is covered with ice for most of the year and has been wrapped up with India’s beautiful and largest high altitude meadows.

Ali and Bedni bugyals, which rapidly take you to fantabulous alpine stretches and when your heart still beating fast to dig gold out of the heavenly Roopkund trekking trip you can lift up your bones and spirits as two splendid mountain peaks are ready to hug you with their brilliancy throughout the journey named “ Mt Trishul(7120m) & Mt Nandagunti(6310m)” , along with the grand chaukhamba range, neelkanth peeth, kedarnath, kedar dome and several others will serve you right amount of narcotic dose.

 Now a question arises here – what makes this roopkund trek terrain so unusual? Is it the icy mountains? Is it the green sedative meadows? Is it the quiet pearls of snow ? Is it the wild animals ?

Answer lies 15,750 ft high away from those green forests, away from your comfortable base camps and when your naked eyes suddenly and unexpectedly touch the sight of almost 400 human bones and skeletons all scattered, spread down in a silence not only on land but swimming inside the lake too making the atmosphere dramatic and thrilling.

At once you will not believe that how come these once living bodies are resting in peace since 9thcentury as believed, yet it gives a feeling as if they are chatting with each other and also converse with you and asks thousands of questions. if you sit at night time with locals surely your skin going to be colder than the temperature as their strange and bizarre stories will make your goose bumps go freeze and the strange gale that blows over.

The Roopkund lake which is about 2 meters deep will confirm your belief on infinite and scary stories told by the people but don’t worry your heart, as your respiration is going to be safe around the bonfire. Due to this reason Roopkund lake trek is also called as “skeleton lake “.

If you have a strong attraction towards supernatural, you can stick on the whole night adding some spice into that. Apart from the beliefs researchers and scientists discovered that the skeletons are the remains of people who got killed in a violent hailstorm in 9th century and they couldn’t find a place to protect themselves as the nearby village was 35 km away.

Though scientists vary in their research and findings but for adventurers the vibes are the same i.e. adrenaline rush at the highest. You have to climb and walk over slippery snow to reach top of the Roopkund Skeleton Lake Trek full of mystery and thrill. Beside this a roopkund trek within the densest oak forests over 3000ft above Wan awaits anxiously and a climb to junargali a ridge beyond and higher than roopkund trek.

Nothing comes in between you and the Mount Trishul when you stand tall on the top of junargali at 16,000 ft.  Your heart will skip a beat when you will see the divine beauty of mount trishul and the surroundings full of vivid colours and a story to tell. Not only has the breathtaking and sheer beauty of the place mesmerized you but the smell of beautiful and religious festival too.

One such is held at the alpine meadow of bedni bugyal every autumn with other villages taking part into it and a larger celebration Nanda Devi raj Jat takes place once every 12 years at roopkund in which goddess Nanda is worshipped. The place is enchanting, picturesque, naturally luxurious and all set to fill your heart up to sanctity.

Written By – Ayushi Pal


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